Vevo Android

When I started at Vevo, one of my first projects was the app for Android. During my time at Vevo I worked on three design variations: a 2.0 version with the feed feature, a Material redesign, and the current simplified version.

Working closely with the Android development team, creative director and product managers, I worked on concepting features, prototyping with InVision, visuals and UX design, as well as production design with tools like Zeplin and Sketch.


Below is the Lollipop Material OS design released July 2015 and Vevo’s simplified rebrand from the beginning of 2016. 

Lollipop was step one in the simplification and aligning our brand with Material Design. We wanted to refocus the UX around Discovery and took the first step towards app personalization. Our KPIs were to increase streams per session and retention.

The rebrand, the darker version, took this a leap further.

We updated the navigation and card design over time, each time getting more and more simplified. With the rebranding we wanted the homepage to be completely personalized. We worked with our content and data teams to come up with a solution.


When first redesigning the feed, I broke down each post type and the style to be distinct during user interaction. 


In the Lollipop Material design we broke out the playlists based on curated content. With the rebrand we found the users only wanted to see their custom playlists and have the ability to favorite curated videos.


For Lollipop, I worked on variations for each type of content. 



 Chart Detail

Chart Detail

 Artist Detail

Artist Detail


Working with the search team, the team restructured search results based on user feedback. First we found our users wanted to see more official videos, with iterations we added their favorite artists. Our users prefered not to see recommendations when searching.


As with search, our users like to see official videos front and center. We tested adding videos into categories but found a simple “Extras” option was sufficient. We also added large, engaging artists images.


Vevo’s player has largely remained steady throughout product iterations. However, now we have the ability for our users to “Favorite” the videos, artists and playlists they love. Vevo also tracks users watch history and allows them to go back for to rewatch based on this history.

BONUS: The team received Editors’ Choice in September of 2015 and a nomination for Best Use of Material Design" in May of 2016. Download App for Android